“Music has always been a part of our lives” To many we are known as Banger Committee. We are producers/songwriters/engineers/instrumentalists and we use our love for music to create our own sound and develop beats that make people move, motivate, and feel inspired.

In 2001, We started producing music, recording and writing songs for many local artists. “Our music is very versatile” “We make music of all genres” We create a variety of music including hip hop, r&b, pop, gospel, rock and country. Our business relations have included many artists and independent record labels such as Ultra Records, Bang Cartel Music Group, Greedy Boy Entertainment, and Slip-N-Slide records.

“We create music for the love of it”, “We hope to break all ethnic/cultural barriers by unifying people through music”, “This is only the beginning for us” Our love for music is what drives us.